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MAK Pumps Company (Private) Limited is a well reputed and well known authorized representative of the world famous Felsom srl (Italy). This holds an inimitable position in submersible pumps and control. We as an authorized representative of this European manufacturer provide marketing and after sales support in the territory of Pakistan.


We promote a comprehensive range of submersible pumps, submersible electric motors, deep well turbine pumps, centrifugal pumps, controls and allied accessories.

In a customer driven business environment, we strive to emerge as a key market player in the field of "Pumps Application Engineering" focusing the under ground fresh water.

Establishing strategic business alliance and acquiring exclusive representation rights from global manufacturers, we aspire to strenghten our market position by achieving quantum leap growth through an optimum deployment of innovative business strategies under the dedicated leadership of marketing, industrial sales and services professionals.

Setting standards of performance excellence, we are commited to achieve customer delight, grow exponentially and provide attractive returns to the stake holders.

Test Bed Facility:

The purpose of conducting witness testing is to verify the pump flow rate and head and to establish the pump's characteristic (Q-H) curve by using calibrated measuring equipments like Ultrasonic Flow Meter, Power Analyser, Pressure Guage, RPM Meter etc.

Test Parameter / Type of Tests:

1. Flow / Discharge of Pump as per performace curves provided in catalog.

2. H / Head of pumps as per performance curves provided in catalog.

3. Efficiency of pumps as per curves provided in catalog.

4. Power taken in curves in catalog.

5. Active Power usage curves at selected duly points.

We can measure the pump duly point flow by means of high accuracy ultra sonic metering technology, which can measure pump out-let flow pipe size from minimum 50mm to 600mm.

We can measure at our PC based Test

  • Pump set real time power factor (L1,L2,L3)
  • Active Power (KW)
  • Reactive Power (K Var)
  • Apparent Power (K Var)
  • Line to Line Voltage (L1-L2, L2-L3, L1-L3)
  • Phase voltage (220-380/ 440 volts)
  • Frequency (20 hz - 450 hz)

In short, we can measure 256 electrical parameters of pump and motors set.

Note : Our all testing instruments have valid cablibration certificates and accuracy class.

Testing Standard:

There are different international standards being followed in the testing of pumps. Following are the most commonly used international pump testing standards being followed by manufactureres/ suppliers of pumps in Pakistan.

  • DIN 1944 Class III
  • ISO 2548 C

The testing of pumps at the Test Bed was carried out using international standard DIN 1944 Class III.

Contact Information
Head Office:
Plot No.87, Industrial Estate, Jamrud Road,
Peshawar (NWFP) Pakistan.
Tel : + 92 91 - 5812472-3
Fax : + 92 91 - 5836254

Regional Office:
Plot No.350/351-C, Chiltan Housing Scheme,
Airport Road, Quetta (Balochistan) Pakistan
Tel : + 9281 - 2881352
Fax : + 9281 - 2881353

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