The company was founded in the year 1996 as a small unit, MAK Engineering International became a private Ltd company namely MAK Pumps (Pvt) Ltd, Plot No. 87 Industrial Estate Jamrud Road, Peshawar in 21st September 2005 and is engaged in manufacturing of Submersible pumps, motors, controls panels, Diesel Generating sets, Remote monitoring & control system for pumping systems. The company has acquired the ISO standardization through continuous and strict quality
policy and achieved ISO 9001:2012 mark. MAK Pumps (Pvt.) Ltd. takes care of the customer’s need by delivering quality product as per international standards for customer’s satisfaction. Our performance can be gauge by our successful operation in Government departments as well as in private sector for domestic, irrigation and industrial purpose. We are specialized in turn key projects like clean drinking and De‐watering for the construction
sites. MAK Pumps have sufficient stock of all the equipments, mechanized workshop and test bed facility. We have production facility as well as workshop for repair and maintenance. Submersible Pumps has successfully developed its cost efficient indigenous technology with the quality level at par with internationally recognized pump sets. Our specialties are Submersible pump and motor from 0.5 HP to 175 HP. Our warehouse is situated in the Hayatabad Industrial Zone spread over 22 kanals and fully equipped and work station for production as well as for repair to provide the after sale services having above address.


MAK Pumps mission is to make significant contribution to the life quality enhancement by producing innovative pumps that work with improved performance while ensuring a high degree of reliability. MAK promotes a comprehensive range of submersible pumps, submersible electric motors, deep well turbine pumps, centrifugal pumps, controls, associated accessories and solar pumping solutions. In a customer driven business environment, we strive to emerge as a key market player in the field of “Pumps Application Engineering” focusing the under ground fresh water. Establishing strategic business alliance and acquiring exclusive representation rights from global manufacturers, we aspire to strengthen our market position by achieving quantum leap growth through an optimum deployment of innovative business strategies under the dedicated leadership of marketing, industrial sales and services professionals. Setting standards of performance excellence, we are committed to achieve customer delight, grow exponentially and provide attractive returns to the stake holders. Hence, MAK Pumps follows fair business practices and develop intimate customer relationship. MAK Pumps strives to improve whatever is done and how it is done and will continue to earn and be worthy of our customers trust.

Plant and Machinery

The company’s plant and office are located at the same place having vast capacity for manufacturing of pumps. The plant is equipped with variety of PRODUCTION MACHINERY.

Machinery Such as Lathe Machine, Drilling Machines, Hydraulic Presses, and Welding Machines etc.

Testing and Quality Control

Instruments such as Balancing Machine, Flow measuring equipments, Dynamometer, instruments for measuring electrical parameters such as computer aided pump sets testing unit with customized software, Current, Wattage, Frequency, High voltage test equipment etc. are all available. In short, all the instruments that are required to measure the quality parameters are available in the unit. Complete details of plant and machinery are tabulated

Quality Systems

The target of quality improvement has been recognized through the certification of its quality system according to ISO 9001:2000 standards and ISO 9906. Raw materials & other components are procured as per international standards. Quality check and tests are ensured and are mandatory for each and every equipment. At each stage of manufacture, dimensional accuracies are checked w.r.t drawings. Final testing is carried out after assembly by testing for the basic parameters like flow, head, efficiency etc. Quality of service to the customer is of high standards. As soon as the orders are received, delivery periods are decided and accordingly production is planned. A product packing is emphasized to ensure is seamless delivering the customer premises. In case of customer related problems, actions are taken on priority basis to solve their problems which include involving Production & Quality Assurance department personnel’s. It is company policy to achieve total Quality through performance Excellence. Total Quality means meet the requirements; produce error free work, Mange by prevention and measure by cost of Quality. Individually or in teams, all employees will be involved in understanding, anticipate and surpass the expectations of customers and markets without error, deadlines are met considering the best system delivery.


The following awards are achieved by MAK Pumps.

International Conference & EXPO of water technologies WATER ASIA 2007 Lahore, offered by Planners & Organizers the development times.

15th EXPO & Conference 2008 Lahore presented by Pakistan HVACR Society. These awards are nominated due to fair business policies.

Market Networks

Our Products line is marketed in Pakistan & Afghanistan through our dealer’s network. Our company operates in all the four provinces of country as well as in Azad Jammu Kashmir similarly we have established an office in Kabul Afghanistan to meet the growing demand of that region.

Development Work

Producing technology implies anticipating new solutions, foreseeing new uses and discovering alternative applications and materials. MAK Pumps has always sought to be innovative, interpreting and defining it into new dimensions and new functions. The company looks for new development works keeping in view the latest trends in the world. Help of technical consultants is taken to develop the new products with an aim of achieving the best possible Quality & to suit the customer’s requirement.

Human Resource Development

The company places a great emphasis on human resources development. Each & every employee is trained to work in more than one area. Freedom to approach any person at all levels is given to everyone and thus making an open organization structure. We welcome constructive criticism and regard this as an incentive to further improve the company.

Management Team

MAK Pumps is a Private Company Ltd. all the activities are looked after by Chief Executive at the top of the organization. Marketing, customer related issues, procurement & day to day management is looked after by Director Admin & Finance. Developmental activities, Production & Quality related aspects are looked after by Director Technical & Quality Assistant.

All the departments i.e Purchase, sales, Electrical   &   Mechanical   Departments   are   headed   by respective managers who will take care of the departmental activities  based  on  the  overall  policies  of  the  company.


Auto Sun Tracker

Our smart sun tracking system enables you to gain 33% extra power from your PV Array.

PV Modules

MAK Pumps is authorized distributor of Jetion Solar China in Pakistan, a leading PV Cell and PV Module manufacturer

Solar Pumps Inverter

We are sole distributer of world renowned ABB and promoting the ACS355 and other solar energy related products.

Pumps and Motors

We produce full range of submersible pumps from 4“ and 6″ with stainless steel casing.




About Us

The  company  was  founded  in  the year  1996  as a  small unit,  MAK Engineering International became a private Ltd company namely MAK Pumps (Pvt) Ltd, Plot No. 87

Contact Info

Plot No.87, Industrial Estate Jamrud Road, Peshawar

  25000 Khyber Pakhtunhwa, Pakistan
  +92 (91) 581 2472


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