Energy Audit of Pump-sets

Do you know the efficiency of your pump set? Are you sure that you are not losing energy/money with every drop of water? Are you getting optimum yield from your tube-well? These are very important questions and every pump user should be able to answer these. An energy audit can ensure whether the efficiency of your pump set is over an acceptable limit or it needs further improvement. In Pakistan the energy efficiency of pumping systems usually have huge margin for improvement. A recent survey by experts on thousands of agriculture tube-wells reveals that at least 20% improvement in the efficiency of every tube-well is possible if proper pump selection is made. In Pakistan majority of tube wells have been yielding water for more than 30 years. The capacity of these tube wells is degrading with passage of time while the pumping system is still being selected according to their initial yielding capacity. This results in over discharge from the well and there is every chance of damage to the well. To ensure the energy efficiency of your pumping system, MAK Pumps offers Energy Audit Service, in which your water requirement and head is determined with latest tools and techniques and an optimum pump type and size is suggested by experienced engineers. The process can save you more than 20% of your electricity bill.

Installation and Commissioning

MAK pumps has dedicated teams comprised of qualified technicians for installation and commissioning of pumping systems. Our installation teams are fully mobilized covering every corner of Pakistan. These technicians have vast field experience and are equipped with latest tools and techniques. With our installations services you will not only enjoy quality of service but a well recorded and well documented commissioning procedure as well.

After every installation the pump-set is kept under observation, all the electrical and hydraulic parameters are recorded and reported to the company and client. Once every aspect of the installation is finalized and the test run is completed, the system is handed over to the owner with necessary training and instructions for operating the pump-set.

Testing of Pump-sets

MAK Pumps offers pump-sets electrical and hydraulic testing in accordance to international standard ISO-9906. With this test you can have the overall performance evaluation of your pump-set. The tests are conducted at our test-bed facility located in the head office at Peshawar. The test-bed facility is equipped with latest and precise measuring tools i.e. 3-Phase PC based Power Analyzer, Ultrasonic Flow-meter, Digital Pressure Measuring System and Submersible Tachometer, which enable us to perform real time testing of pump-set.

The pump-set is installed at the recycling water source arrangement and started. All the electrical and hydraulic parameters like, discharge, head, Motor power, Voltage, Current and Power factor are recorded. The pump is tested under varying head by increasing the pressure through controlling the valve. The test results are then compiled and a complete pump-set performance report is generated showing the measured performance curve (Characteristic curves). These tests are performed before entering to major projects for product approval. The tests are also performed on repaired pump-sets and newly introduced models. General customers are also welcomed to avail this testing facility and check their pump-sets.

Repair and Maintenance

The submersible pump-sets supplied by MAK pumps require no part replacement throughout its service life, however one cannot guarantee the well conditions and power supply conditions to be always in line with the recommendation of the manufacturer. All the pump-sets provided by MAK Pumps are fully serviceable and owing to our commitment to provide sustained after sales services, sufficient stock of genuine spare parts of our supplied pump-sets is maintained.

Motors are re-winded with the genuine winding wire sourced from the manufacturers, and rewinding is done according to manufacturer provided stator winding designed. After repair the pumps and motors are tested electrically and hydraulically in accordance with manufacturer’s guidelines and specifications.

Video Logging

The technical objective of the study was to detect the construction characteristics of the well, the blind and filter pipes, the respective installation depths and any variations in diameter in the hole. Any anomaly may not only be highlighted at a certain depth from ground level but may also be filmed during the investigation. The borehole camera is used to determine the causes of the most common problems that can affect a well in the course of its productive life, such as the presence of sand and a decrease in water flow. Furthermore, the borehole camera detects abnormalities such as deterioration, deformation, corrosion, cracks and excessive deposit on the bottom.

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